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Time to Nip that Relationship ASAP!

November 29, 2012 by


SIGNS THAT YOU ARE IN TOO DEEP WITH A MARRIED/UNAVAILABLE MAN OR UNBELIEVER: you get butterflies in your stomach if you know you might see him you think about him often you imagine what life would be like with him and daydream about him you pay extra attention to your wardrobe/hair/make-up if you think you […]

I’m Thinking about Marrying a Guy Who Is Addicted to Porn.

October 17, 2012 by

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Ladies – I am hearing from countless women who married men they KNEW were addicted to porn. Big mistake! He says he’s a Christian He uses porn every day/multiple times a week Porn is addictive and works just like a drug. Yes, God can heal men – but this thing is TOUGH to treat and […]

Handling Major Adversity with Peace

August 1, 2012 by

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I haven’t had to deal with  much death or serious medical emergencies so far in my 39 years.  I know that there are tragedies in my future, just like there are in everyone’s life.  And at this point, I trust God to handle the details and to give me His power when those things happen.  […]

“Let Me Check with My Dad and Get Back with You.”

May 5, 2012 by

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Experiencing the joy and blessing of placing myself under my husband’s leadership, authority, protection and provision has been really simple to implement once I learned the ropes!  Now, my husband serves as a very useful compass for my life – a gift from God just for me!  PARENTS, ESPECIALLY DADS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR […]

My Parents Don’t Approve of my Boyfriend/Fiance

May 2, 2012 by


This is a tough situation.  The way a godly young woman would handle this scenario is going to depend upon her age, her personal spiritual maturity, the issues at stake with her boyfriend/fiance and her parents’ spiritual maturity as believers. YOUR PARENTS ARE GOD’S AGENTS OF AUTHORITY TO PROTECT YOU In general, your parents love you more than […]

An Example of the Way a Godly Dad Can Protect His Daughter.

April 19, 2012 by


I found this today (the post below) and it really struck me.  WOW!  I know the world would think this dad was crazy overprotective.  But you know what?  Knowing what I know now about the differences between guys and girls and what I know now about God’s design for marriage – I applaud this father!  THIS is […]