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When He Hands You an Olive Branch

February 17, 2014 by


(As always, I assume that if you are dating someone, he is a strong believer in Christ, and you are, too. I assume that you are both completely submitted to following Jesus first and that He is your greatest priority in life by far. God commands us to be obedient to His Word and to […]

A Brief Overview about What Godly Men Find to Be Attractive/Unattractive

January 29, 2014 by


This topic continues to come up.  It seems to me that it is one of the most frustrating issues that many of my single brothers and sisters are dealing with – figuring out how to attract a potential romantic partner who is a believer in Christ, and how to avoid being “unattractive” to godly members […]

I’m Right! I’m the Better Leader. I Should Be in Charge.

November 22, 2013 by


This week, I am addressing FAQs that I receive on this blog and on But I’m Right! Hold on here, ladies!  This is going to be a painful one.  I am going to show you how God deconstructed my sin for me in EXCRUCIATING detail and clarity so that I was able to see […]

The Night My Meatloaf and I Got “Stood Up”

October 31, 2013 by


from photo bucket I worked an extra two days this past week in the pharmacy.  My husband appreciates it when I work extra.  So – I try to do this as a gift to him whenever I can.  Monday night I made an extra big meatloaf so that Greg wouldn’t have to cook supper the […]


October 25, 2013 by


This post is inspired by a real estate commercial that shows a wife attempting to pressure and force her husband into a quick decision about a house that the couple clearly cannot comfortably afford. Some things to observe in this brief conversation: the wife’s facial expressions her tone of voice the husband’s body language and […]