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Modest Clothing Resources

July 2, 2015


Some help for the 30 day Modest Skirts/Dresses challenge: It can feel impossible to find modest clothes at the mall or in most retail clothing stores today. Thankfully, it is not impossible! Here are a few resources I’ve spotted to help you find modest, feminine, beautiful  clothing – you are welcome to share any sites […]

A Godly Wife Confronts Her Angry Husband Respectfully

July 2, 2015


This is a guest post by a dear sister in Christ – shared with her husband’s permission. They both desire God to use their story to bless other couples who are struggling. I realize every husband is different – and this approach may not be how God leads you to respond to your husband. That…

A 30 Day Modest Skirt/Dress Challenge

June 29, 2015


April wearing one of her long skirts This post is authored by a single Christian woman in her 30s. Her experience is very similar to mine since I began wearing just skirts (usually ankle length – unless I am running, or cleaning) in March, 2009. If you feel that God may be calling you to try a […]

“I Won’t Let My Man Do Something I Think Is Dangerous”

June 25, 2015


A lot of *girlfriends and wives have this viewpoint today. They forbid their men from doing the things their guys love to do that could cause injury. But is this a wise approach? Will it draw your man to you? Do I accept that every grown adult has a free will from God just like […]

“Lord, I Don’t Want to Obey You on This.”

June 22, 2015


  I have been doing an amazing Kay Arthur study on prayer with a ladies’ group at my church this summer called, “Lord, teach me to pray.” I love Kay her point (pg. 54): “And what is the root of all sin? Is it not independence? Is it not self having its own way?” She goes […]

Biblical Submission Is Not Passivity

June 18, 2015


April – 01-2010 There seems to be so much confusion around the concept of biblical submission for wives. I’d like to discuss today something that biblical submission is not because a number of women think they hear me say that biblical submission means passivity: I shouldn’t ever say how I feel or what I want.…

Desperation for Things and People Is Unnecessary

June 15, 2015


It seems that desperation is the norm these days. So many singles are completely obsessed with finding “the one,” getting married, and having a family – even Christians. Married women seem desperate to have their husbands’ love. Married men seem desperate to have their wives’ respect. Many are desperate for money, for beauty, for the […]


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