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July 29, 2015

Ten Ways to Bless Your Man – VIDEO

July 28, 2015


(Note – I am assuming that you are seeking to live wholeheartedly for Christ and that you would only date/court a man who wants to submit his life fully to Christ.)   Blessing a man you love is really pretty simple – they don’t ask for a lot, honestly.  But this does require the power […]

There Are No Guarantees That We Will Get What We Want

July 27, 2015


April in the spring of 1994, a few months before Greg and I got married. You might actually find a guy with very few red flags who seems totally ready to be a godly husband. And you might think you have practically no red flags yourself. You may assume that you are going to live […]

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Preparing to Marry a Man on a Mission

July 25, 2015


Some of you are considering marrying a man who believes he has a calling from God to be a pastor, a minister, a missionary, or something similar. I believe that extra care and prayer is wise as you prepare for such a venture. There will be additional challenges that other couples may not face. Of […]

The Beauty of Not Rushing a Man

July 23, 2015


A guest post from a single sister in Christ in her 40s – thank you so much for sharing with all of us the treasures God has been showing you: I wanted to share some things I have been learning through my journey of liking a godly wonderful man and all of the precious lessons God […]