Could Your Husband Be Trapped in Shame?

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This blog is written to wives – but the content and dynamics would also apply in dating/courtship relationships – and even in some of our friendships with brothers in Christ.

This is a HUGE issue for men. If we can understand what they are going through, we can throw them a lifeline. If we don’t realize what they are experiencing, we may unwittingly push their heads further under the water when they are already beginning to drown in shame.

I believe every woman needs to read this post. The comments are very helpful, as well.

Much love to you!

The Peaceful Wife


My husband, Greg, has a new site for his blog – he changed the name to Peaceful Husband. 🙂 You are welcome to check out his new look and his posts. He writes for men, many times – but, he has more women readers than men, so sometimes he also writes for women from a man’s perspective. Lately, he has been doing a powerful series on shame for men.

I believe that for our husbands, shame is often a very serious issue.

Shame can deepen and become entrenched in a man’s heart to the point that it becomes extremely toxic – total imprisonment. When a man is feeling shame, he will generally retreat into himself to protect himself from exposure. Sin is always progressive – it all snowballs and gets bigger and more destructive. As Greg shared with me the research he has been doing about shame in a…

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