Let’s Pray Together for Our Nation and the World

Posted on August 25, 2015 by

The Peaceful Wife

I know this is “off-topic” to becoming godly wives in some ways. But – what better thing to do than to gather to pray together, encourage, support, and bless each other and talk together about what is going on. Let’s see the situation with God’s perspective and wisdom and let’s look to God together.

I know that things are looking very unstable in the world right now – and it would be easy to panic and be filled with fear.

I realize that America cannot help but be headed for very difficult times in the future financially and morally. I don’t know when and how things will deteriorate. But I want us as believers to be ready. We have made so many sinful choices as a nation and as individuals – we have turned our backs on God. We have spit in His face. We have made it clear we don’t…

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