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Most of my basic posts  are at the top of my home page.  Those are good places to start learning about how to become a godly Christian woman who pleases Christ and blesses her man.

I know that the things I talk about will sound foreign at first, even to many Christian women.  We have strayed so far as a culture in recent generations from God’s Word and His design for us as women and wives that we don’t even realize what we have lost.  Many of us have never seen a wife respect her husband or honor his leadership.  Many of us have never seen a godly man leading his family in a loving way.  All I ask is that you compare what I say to God’s Word – the Bible – and open your heart to whatever He wants to say to you.

You can also look at the right hand column on my home page and find categories and click on categories that interest you.

I have a YouTube channel,  “April Cassidy,” if you learn better by listening than by reading.  Sometimes it is helpful to hear examples of a disrespectful vs. respectful tone of voice and to see disrespectful vs. respectful facial expressions and body language.

I spend a LOT of time ministering to single women and wives because I believe this is the calling God has given me – to share the treasures of heaven that He has shown me that radically transformed my life and my marriage for the better.  I can’t keep God’s wisdom, design and healing power to myself. 🙂

You are also welcome to check out my blog for wives at

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  1. i have a really good job interview in about 30 minutes, and would appreciate your prayers if you are willing. Please!


    • Of course, RG!!!

      • I think it went well. They are meeting with at least one other candidate, and should decide within the week. If you don’t mind continuing to pray about this, I would greatly appreciate it!

        Thanks again!

      • That is awesome!!!! I will continue to pray. 🙂

        I am in the final stages of writing my book. :). It is going to be primarily about how wives can show unconditional respect to their husbands.

      • Wow! That is really good news. You’ve accomplished so much in what seems like a short amount of time. I’m still looking forward to purchasing and reading your book when it is released. Please let me know when that happens.

        Good job!

      • Will do, RG!
        Thanks for your encouragement, prayers and support. 🙂

  2. The HR lady of the company said they are “still waiting for confirmation, and should be calling me early next week sometime,” but I’m not 100% certain what exactly she meant by that. I’m assuming they are still checking references and completing their background check, etc. I guess I’m still being considered, so that is really good news! Anyway, I thought you would appreciate the update.

    Thanks again for your continued prayers. I believe it is helping a lot!

    • RG,
      You are welcome! I will continue to pray for God’s will and His direction. 🙂

    • RG,
      Did you get the job?

      I am planning to use the comments you gave me about godly guy #1 and “bad guy” #2 as a post on the 31st. 🙂

      • April,

        Sadly, No! After several weeks, they finally decided to go with another candidate.

        What is really odd is that I’m mostly okay with this – a bit saddened, but mostly filled with a lot of unexpected hope for whatever God wants next in my life. I’m praying for wisdom for what that might be, and I am really grateful that you have been praying for me as well! Thank you very much!

      • RG,

        Thanks for letting me know. Isn’t that great – to be able to live in God’s peace no matter what His will might be – anticipating the adventure?

        LOVE IT.

        You are welcome, my brother! 🙂

      • RG,
        I am not sure if my email is messed up. It seems people haven’t been getting my emails the past few days. I sent you several – have you received them? Thanks!

      • No, April! I haven’t received any emails from you lately. I assumed you were deep in thought and prayer over any number of things you’re busy with lately. Maybe you can add your email to that prayer list!

      • I would be happy to help if you wish, though I understand your husband is also your resident IT professional. I’m sure the problem will be resolved soon.

      • RG,

        He was gone until 9pm today. But he got my email reset within a few minutes. Looks like my hundreds of emails I sent in the past 3 days didn’t go out! 😦

        Thanks so much for the offer!

        Goodness, without Greg – I wouldn’t have any functioning technology at all!!!!!! He’s my hero!

        Ok, will send those to you again. 🙂

      • Hi April,

        That was a different post than the one I was expecting, which surprised me, and I laughed because I probably would have figured it out (and would not have been surprised) if I had received your emails. I still haven’t received any of them by the way. Maybe you can check your “Outgoing” folder to see if your previous emails were saved there.

      • RG,

        Are you serious??? Ugh. I re-sent probably 150 emails last night or more to all the people I had sent emails to the past 3 days. That is really frustrating that you still haven’t gotten them! They show “sent” on my end.

      • Nope! I re-checked. No new emails!

        Did other people not receive their new/re-sent emails also or am I just the lucky one.

        Can you send yourself/husband emails using (being sent from) two different email address providers (Gmail / local ISP email)?

        Can you send a test email to someone else with (being received by) a gmail account to see if they receive it?

        Can you send a test email to someone else with (being received by) a non-gmail account to see if they receive it?

        Can you send me a new test email to try mine again?

        Do you use an email client like MS Outlook or Apple Mail to manage downloaded email offline on your computer, or do you just use your computer internet browser to connect online and read webmail like Google Gmail?

        Do you think something on your computer changed recently (security updates/firewall updates/general software updates/other noticeable events) that could have been a direct cause to this?

      • RG,

        Thank you so much for your expertise! 🙂

        Others haven’t received theirs either. The test email we sent last night worked. I am not sure if anyone received their emails from me. I haven’t heard from anyone, so I assume not.

        Greg did do some kind of update Wednesday night, I believe. But – it seems that people weren’t receiving responses from me since the 24th.

        Greg will be home around noon EST – I think he plans to look into things.

        I will try a new test email for you in a second. Then I am going to be gone for a few hours.

        Greg’s email is a gmail account -he didn’t receive my emails.

        I believe we use Apple Mail.

        Hope to talk soon!

  3. is it wrong to call my boyfriends mother to tell her about my relation with her son?kindly tell me plz

    • Nats,

      Great to hear from you!
      I believe most men would feel pretty disrespected by that. In my view, it is not wise for a number of reasons.

  4. but i have done this stupid thing. And have lost him by doing so. Now what shall i do how should i convince him and his parents i am really very upset. Is there any solution to this ? Should i ask for forgiveness from his mother? i love him so much i dont want to loose him.

    • Natawas911,

      Maybe you can just back off a bit from his mother. I don’t think this is an emergency situation. I think you can probably just alter your approach a bit. 🙂

  5. I did so bcoz my mother was threatening that she would go to his home and would tell his parents about us. So i called his mother and informed her about us before my mother could go there. I also told her mother this that i called her for this reason. I dont want to loose him plz help me what shall i do now.

    • Nats,
      How old are you and this guy?
      Why is your mother against your relationship?
      Is his mother also against it?

      How is your relationship going with him?

      What is your relationship with Christ?
      What is his relationship with Christ?

  6. I am 26 and he is younger to me he is 23. His mother just knew about me this that i am his colleague but he didn’t tell his parents that we are going further in our relationship. He used to say that he cannot give me commitment at the moment bcoz he has to get stable. He is Muslim and belongs to a Memon family Memon is a cast over here in Pakistan. Even i did not forced him to commit me bcoz i also wanted to get stable at some good position. But i also said this to him that i can wait for him no matter how long it has too be. Then with the passage of time we went into a physical relation like kissing and hugging. He took me to a guest house for some hours and we spent some time together. we felt so much peace in each others arms.Well i belong to a Christian Family Background. But my Parents accepted Islam and then i as well. My father is no more in this world he died in 2006. My mother is going back to Christianity nowadays. my mother new about the boy. And she asked me to stay just friends and not to go into love relation but it happened i fell badly in love with him. i love his spirit. even i wouldn’t have ever kissed him i still love him alot. My mother was following Islam till 2 or 3 months ago. So she went to a guy who had some spiritual powers and he told my mother that the boy is not sincere and your girl is much more into him. And my mother trusted that man bcoz he said that he asked from boys (Humzaad) the spirit or conscience that each human has. That man said thata person’s humzaad never lies. Than from that time my mother started forcing me that i should end this up. I should finish my friendship.That really made me pissed off.and then one more stupid thing i did i told all this to the boy i used to share every thing with him and now i realize that i shouldn’t have done this. But i had so much pressure to leave him and that was making me crazy. Bcoz i cant leave him i love him truely with all my heart n soul. Kindly help me get him back. I am ready to ask for forgiveness from his mother that i called her and gave her tension,but i was so confused and worried that i just spoke to her and told her about the tension going around. That was the day she got against me. I am very upset. Plz help me

    • Natawas911,

      My greatest concern is your walk with Christ. What is your relationship with Him?

      Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6.

      It is God’s will for us all to come through Jesus to have a relationship with Him. Have you accepted the gift that Jesus gave you by dying in your place on the cross?

      It is His will for your life to glorify Him and to bring honor to Him.

      He wants believers to only marry other strong believers in Christ.

      I am very concerned that although you love this man, he will pull you even farther from Jesus. When you stand before God when this life is over – my primary concern is that you are right with Him and that you can be with Him forever in heaven. The only way to do that is through the grace, forgiveness, love and mercy of Jesus.

      I pray that this man might also find Christ.

      But – marrying a man who is not a believer brings much heartache in the future. I see it every day on

      My prayer is that you will find God’s will for your life. I don’t know if it will involve this man or not.

      Much love to you!


  7. God's child

    February 13, 2014

    Hi April.

    I have something to share and I need your advice. Can I send you an email.


  8. BlessedHeart

    December 29, 2014

    Hi PeacefulWife, you are such a blessing! I was wondering how I could send you emails? Thanks in advance!

    • BlessedHeart,
      I am not able to take emails at this time, but I am available here and also on my Peaceful Single Girl FB page – you can private message me. 🙂

      Much love!

  9. April, I have an amazing boyfriend but thing’s have been going quite horribly lately and I was wondering if you would be willing to hear my story and give me advice. For once in my life I have no idea what to do!


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