A Wife’s and Daughter’s Submission and a Violin

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This is an amazing story about the way God can work when we obey Him. And, you will want to check out the comments. Many wives shared stories of times they refused to submit to their husbands’ leadership and the heartache and problems it caused. And many wives share the blessings that God gave them and their families when they did submit to their husbands even when they disagreed at the time.

These are the kinds of stories I want my Christian sisters to hear who are preparing to be godly wives.

Much love!

The Peaceful Wife


From a sister in Christ. Thank you so much, Free Indeed, for sharing your story! It is SO inspiring!

Wonderful post! Just the facts, ma’am! This stuff is so important!!

Since you asked, I’ll share a recent obedience/submission story:

A few weeks ago, our family was at a garage sale and our daughter (8) found a used violin with books for a great price! She loves all things musical and we are homeschoolers, so (in my mind) I thought it was a definite go! How much fun we could have with that!

I agreed with her – only that it was a great price, NOT that we should definitely get it – (an improvement for me) – and told her to go ask her Daddy about it.

My husband said, “No,” to the violin because our daughter had struggled to obey him just the day before several times and he…

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